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“Please get off me,” I muttered around a mouthful of platinum blonde extensions and soon they were whipped back to fall carelessly around the mascara stained face of Zoey’s sworn enemy. “Nice to see you, Amy,” I laughed as Zoey mocked us behind her back. “I would’ve been here earlier but I had cheerleading practice - did I tell you I made it to the top of the pyramid? Figuratively and literally and it’s really good because I don’t have to look up anybody’s skirt but it means that everyone can see up mine and since they put boys into the routine now I’m always super anxious to make sure I have cute underwear on, but it’s okay because there’s a super hot guy there now and his name’s Michael and- oh hey who are you, you’re cute too.” She turned to an unaffected looking Declan and while I took the much needed break from her incessant babbling I watched as she trained her nonsense onto him. “Step away from the crazy,” I whispered to him while she prattled on uselessly, flipping her hair back occasionally with a smile dental adverts would pay to use. “Oh, is Cara back?” He teased, bringing a smile to my face as I shook my head and left him to his doom. “Wait, I was kidding! Help me!” I shook my head again, ignoring his shouted pleas as I walked on without a second look back; it was too funny watching as the famous playboy of Easton Heights struggled under the incessant raptures of the fierce blonde, who, knowingly or not, had managed to clear an entire room with just her mouth

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