Youth Needs More Organizations For Our Youth

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The number of participants in this community is outstanding. The numbers increase as we gain members. Everyone cares for this community and spends a lot of time to continue to make Rolla a great place to live. Rolla is full of comfort and a lot of individuals spend a lot of time supporting one another. However, the economic status seems to be a bit intense. Here is why, while this is a great place to live it can be hard for our citizens to find a good job here in this area. While there are a lot of opportunities for our college students, those who are looking for a great career have difficulties in finding one in this area. While there are a lot of organizations for community members who are adults, there are not a lot of organizations for our youth. I believe that our youth needs more organizations. Type of organizations for our youth not only encourages them, but also motivates them. Motivation is so important. While Rolla has, “The Community Partnership” for our youth there is a need for Extension. This can give this community a better understanding about the role of youth in the community development process. “Equally important, a need exists to better recognize the benefits and opportunities presented through youth involvement in community development activities” (Journal of Extension, 2007, p.1). Our youth deserves equality and acceptance. Our youth also needs to feel they have an important role in our community. Different types of activities allow
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