Zara Marketing Plan

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Executive summary
General introduction (including a concise consumers and category market/ trend overview)
Entry mode
-The suitable mode of entry for Zara to enter the clothing industry in Vietnam is franchising.
-As Vietnam’s joint venture regulations are strict; the Vietnamese investors must own at least 51% of the enterprise’s capital. This will create some difficulties to Zara in term of controlling the business.
-Therefore, franchising is more suitable because the mode of entry is suitable for entering a small country and subject to significant cultural differences from Zara’s home base (Spain) as Vietnam. -In term of financial, franchising creates another source of income for Zara, through payment of franchise fees, royalty and
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- use social media such as YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter as a good communication channel to its consumers and a tool to develop brand community.
- not only focuses on customers but also its employs by applying internal branding, which prods its staff to better understanding, managing and delivering Zara brand.
Product strategy
Product strategy is one of key elements of a brand strategy that leads to the success of a brand strategy. - create its culture to customers: “you better get it today because you might not find it tomorrow” by leaving large areas empty in its expensive retail shops and encouraging occasional stock-outs.
- gathering information to make the decisions on garments sold in all the markets where Zara operates (Bonache and Cerviño, 1996).
- store managers decide the specific garments that will be put on display in the store to meet the customer’s taste in that area (Fabrega, 2004).
- launch new features with high quality standard
- differentiate its products to meet customer’s requirement and needs: product production and delivery in fifteen days; Changes of an existing garment can be put on display within two weeks; manufactures its “live collections”; lauching 11,000 new items every year (Ghemawat and Nueno, 2003).
- Service strategy* * Physical evidences Evidence is a product help consumers understand our product. It is not directly involved in

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