Zeus The man the Myth the Legend

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His first choice would be the Titaness Mitis who had helped Zeus assume his position. Mitis, just like Zeus, was a shape shifter. She was not ready to give herself to Zeus but he did eventually get his way. Before he had a chance to enjoy his victory Gaia warned him that Mitis would birth a son that would be powerful enough to overthrow him. Panicked, Zeus swallowed Mitis, not knowing she was already pregnant (Stone 55). Zeus himself was not only now pregnant but he gained the wisdom that Mitis had. After Mitis, Zeus would have many wives which produced many offspring. His next wife would be the Titaness Themis who would birth two sets of triplets. The first set was the Orai, or Seasons, and the second set were the Moirai, or the Three…show more content…
Finally, there was Dionysos, god of wine and ecstasy, who would take the place of Hestia in the pantheon. While Semeli was pregnant with Dionysos she demanded to see Zeus in his godly form. After trying to convince her otherwise he transformed into himself causing her to burn to death. Zeus realized she was pregnant and Hermes came and rescued the baby still inside the womb. Together they would put the unborn baby into Zeus’s thigh until it was ready to be born. This made Zeus pregnant for the second time in his brief supremacy. Also, since Dionysos was not born from a woman, he was not a threat to overthrowing Zeus (Stone 117). With the pantheon in place Zeus and his Olympians could handle just about anything the world could throw at them, or so they thought. The next great threat to Zeus was by the monstrous Tiphon. Gaia was still holding a grudge against Zeus for the imprisonment of her children, the Titans. Gaia mated with her son Tartarus from the underworld to create Tiphon. It had the body of man with the legs of coiled snakes. Its head consisted of one hundred snake and dragon-like heads that produced the terrible sound of humans, lion roars, the whimpering of dogs, and many other indescribable noises (Stone 71). The battle was nearly apocalyptic and Zeus was almost defeated. With the help of Hermes and his son Pan, Zeus was able to defeat the monster imprisoning him in Tartarus underneath Mt. Etna (Stone 73). The next revolt against
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