Zia Chisti's Orthodontic Disease

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Orthodontic Treatment: The Clear Choice

Orthodontic treatment dates all the way back to the Egyptian era. For centuries people all over have been fixed on the idea of straight teeth. Different cultures including Ancient Egypt, Ancient Rome, and Early France had different ways of straightening their teeth. Various people, mostly scientists and philosophers, in history also made positive impacts in the orthodontic field. Today’s current orthodontic technology allows us to straighten our teeth without the hassle of wire and metal braces, we use visibly clear retainers.
Zia Chisti was born in the United States of a Pakistani mother and American father. His father died at a young age so Chisti and his mother moved to Lahore, Pakistan. There he went to Lahore American School, a secondary school in the capital. Chisti continued his education at Columbia College in New York, where he majored in Economics and Computer Sciences. After Columbia College, Chasti furthered his education at Stanford Business, where he founded Align Technology. Chisti was an adult orthodontic patient who wore retainers to make sure his newly treated teeth would not move. Being a busy college student, Chisti would forget to wear his retainers for a couple days and put them back in when he remembered. During the time he failed to wear his retainers he found that his teeth would shift
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Chisti expanded Align’s borders to his mother’s home country Pakistan. Employing over 700 people Align became the first significant offshore operation of an American company in Pakistan. Align’s time in Pakistan was cut short as a result of 9/11. Decisions on whether to pull Align out of that country tore the co-founder and the rest of the company apart, which later led to Chisti’s departure. Align’s new CEO is Thomas Prescott, as of 2002. Prescott stopped all international Invisalign sales and refocused the company strictly to North
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