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Many people are become and are shaped by their country, beliefs, and values. Zia is an international student from Pakistan who is studying to be able to join the civil service in Pakistan. His ultimate goal is to teach political philosophy. Because he is from Pakistan he has certain different beliefs and values, from Americans, that model his behavior and interactions with others, but I won’t be talking about the person he is in Pakistan. No, I will be writing about the person Zia is here at Concordia College-Moorhead and the impact he has had on those around him. Each person interviewed has known him from at least the second week he has been here at Concordia, and to truly show you Zia’s character here at Concordia I will show you what…show more content…
What stuck out to me though was how modest he was (refer to the interviews). If I had to describe Zia in one word it would be modest. Although Taswar and Tenzin Nosong do not have a definitive first impression on Zia, Alex Cyusa and I do. When he first got here one would say he was very reserved (Cyusa). Alex Cyusa goes on to say that Zia was not shy but he could tell he was reserved. In every interview that I did, the interviewers all said that Zia is an outgoing person. From my first meeting with him, I can definitely say he was somewhat reserved. I actually think he was upset with me because I said I was not a fan of the “Kite Runner,” which he really enjoys. Although he was upset he did not give me horrible looks or did he try to belittle me. It should me how much maturity he has. When Alex Cyusa mentioned Zia’s maturity, it made me realize how much maturity he does have. Alex even goes on to say that Zia is someone he would be able to go to for advice on an issue or to help answer a question. While being at Concordia he has had an impact on his friends (the people interviewed), including me. All his friends, in one way or another said that Zia had helped them. Taswar said Zia helped him with money sometime. That Zia also helped increase his social life. Alex never stated that Zia helped him, but, from what he said,

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