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“The magician Zizou” Zinedine zidane a legend of soccer, he change the view of soccer but that wasn't the only thing he did , he also change the entire nation of france with the motion of his feet, During the 1990s France was divided into different racial groups, later on in 1998 the world cup arrive and all the nation got together just to see how zidane led France to the final match at that point everybody realized how strong was the influence of soccer, many people realized that soccer was not a simple game. Zidanes trajectory allow many people to be more open minded with the culture of france because every time that france play, the country being to forget about all their differences just to support each other in order to motivate the…show more content…
Clearly before zidane got into the soccer field France had to wait more than a decade,later on see them play during the 1998 World cup what happened was that they won, even he scorer two times in the final match against Brazil,obviously the french team could win without zidane there to guide France.
1986 they finished third and the decade belonged to Italy and Argentina.Another decade of unfulfilled dreams for “Les Bleus” (“Alessandro Meolo”).France steal losing even when they almost made it to the final, they were missing somebody that can led them to the victory, at that time France was one of the most stronger team of the world and also they had most of the best players of the world but that wasn't enough because their chemistry was too bad that they weren't able to win.
Zinedine Zidane, byname Zizou, french player who led his country to victories, Zizous career was tremendously success to the point where he became a legend.
During the soccer world cup Zidane,normally a playmaker,became scorer in the final match.He connected in the 27th and 46th minutes, both in picturesque headers (“Zidane”).Zinedine Zidane a player like anyone else who knew how to guide an entire nation to a victory that no one would
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