Zoo Descriptive Essay

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I take a whiff of the musty air, my little fingers tightening around my mother's hand as she gives me a gentle squeeze for protection. Her stern but loving hazel eyes follow me as I bob along the stone sidewalk, my jet black mary jane’s clopping like a horse against the cemented stone tiles indicating a pathway for the visitors of the zoo. I felt jitters run down my spine from excitement. My mother and I immediately made our way to the crowded bat exhibit, younger children screeching from fear or delight. As the door juters open, the faint smell of bat guano fills the air as a plague. I look up at my mom with my beautiful brown eyes as she holds a smile, attempting not to grimace from the putrid smell. I however, rush inside and straight to the figurine machine, begging my mom for the lion figure. Of course my mother caves in, placing a silver quarter that would blind me if the light hit it. My petite hand proceeded to harshly shove the quarter within the machine. We wait maybe two or three minutes before the brilliantly colored wax figurine outputted itself. It was scalding hot to my hands before I began to play with it. Well, that was until I quickly gave it to my mom, shoving it inside of her purse that was colored with floral print, the fringe hanging like still windchimes.
My mother and I then head towards the wombat area. The waves of heat hit my face as I gently shake my head as my hair starts to stick to my neck. I believe my mom has it much worse in the heat, as

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