Zoos Are More Than Meets The Eye

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There is more than meets the eye when you go to visit a zoo. Zoos are painted as a fun and cheerful place people all over the world love to go and visit; they are simply for entertainment. These animals that make the zoo possible are stripped of their freedom and value of life so they can be used for entertainment by hundreds of people daily. The animals are thought of more like couches; sitting and waiting to be moved around from place to place until we grow old of them and “throw them out”. Leaving zoos to have a negative effect on the well-being of animals.
When we visit zoos we go as happy and excited visitors, we tend to ignore the fact that keeping these animals in captivity does all harm and no good. Each species comes from different environments and habitats. They all have different needs, so when zoos confine them to tiny enclosures for entertainment they are being stripped of their freedom and their routines or ways of life are tampered with. While reading through an article by PETAkids the author shared that "in the wild, elephants walk up to 30 miles each day." When we think about it elephants do a lot of walking as part of their daily routine. Zoos do not have enough space to meet the needs of these elephants. Some might say, well they can just walk back and forth or walk in circles to go about their daily routines. However, if we think about walking back and forth every single day for their rest of our lives; it would drive us insane. As a result of the

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