Zoos Should Be Allowed In Zoos

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I love zoos, I could spend hours in the zoo because of all the cute animals in there, but do you really think that zoos are suitable for our animals? Are we hurting them or making them secure? It’s really tough to decide because we really don’t know what’s right or wrong for our animals. In my opinion, it could go either way. I am looking at both sides of arguments, debates and articles to really know if zoos are right or wrong. People argue that Zoos aren’t safe or can’t chose what is better for animals. There have been many points of views that zoos aren’t good because it can affect animals in all sorts of ways, like suffering mentally and physically by being in captivity. Truth is, animals are more safe in zoos than they are in the wild. Most animals are proven to live longer in captivity than in the wild because zoos have everything an animal needs to be able to stay healthy have all the safety they need, compared to the wild where they can catch diseases and be killed. In the article ‘’The Scientist’’ researchers from Université de Lyon in France concluded that 80 percent of these mammals live longer in captivity than in the wild. I think this is a pretty big percent for animals living in captivity than to living in the wild, and this is good because it means that our animals are around for longer and are safe. Animals living in the wild are more likely to be having a shorter life. As well as zoos helping animals live longer, zoos are helping animals that are
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