Zoos and Exotic Pets: Humanity or an Abomination Essay

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The issue that has been raging for over many years is if animals should be owned by humans. This mainly concerns zoos, private owners and other facilities that hold animals. The public saw this issue and wanted to address it. Big organizations such as PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) are the ones who are mainly active in this dilemma. The people who are also interested in this issue are those who fit into the category of any side of the argument. Other people and organizations, who are interested in this topic, are zoos or animal wildlife parks. People of the public were interested in this issue, which is why there so many organizations and debates for the issue of animal cruelty. Zoos also promoted interest for this …show more content…

Basically they keep animals for enjoyment, all while taking care of these creatures. The evidence they have are articles about how a zoo has saved animals from being killed. Also the news articles that talk about a man taking in an animal whose mother died and would have died alone in the wild, if he had not taken care of it. People from this point of view conclude that everyone should own any animal if they want to, and once they are yours, you can do whatever you want with them. They also believe that people are dominant and have the rights over these animals. The second very opposite point of view that arises from this conflict, is the side that believes animals should not be held captive in zoos or by any people. Their main claims are that the owners of the animals abuse them and let them die. The people on this side say that once a person takes animals away from the wild, that person does not raise them to good health. They also believe that people who “say” they are taking animals in to repopulate, don’t do it correctly or don't do it all. These are the type of people who also believe that animals have feelings just like humans. They say people cannot mistreat animals, because animals feel the same way humans do. People on this side believe that when a human murders an animal, the murderer should be held accountable the same way as if he killed another human. Their argument behind this is because murdering animals

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