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Everyone has heard of Zeus he was the mightiest of all the Greek gods, yet many do not know about the first gods. Many people know the story of Zeus and his life how he had many powerful children, and not only that but how they were each born and how they each had their own special power. Although, Zeus was a wise god the Greeks believed there were greater gods of whom had ruled before the mighty Zeus. There are four main Gods who were born first, and these gods had many conflicts that related to conflicts of humans, yet these gods were created by a god whom Greeks were not very clear how he popped up which had its own problems.
The Greeks believed chaos was one god that came first because he was the primal existence, after that came …show more content…

Which made Mother earth Gaia livid, this lead her to asking one of her sons to kill his father and by doing so he would become ruler. Although, these stories are weird they have a connection to how humans think and act, and these gods act in an immoral way like human beings do every once and a while. These stories show that Greek gods are like humans because they get angry very easily by small insults or get irritated by small things, for example, if someone were to tease us humans we would get mad as did the gods. They engage in useless fights and steal things from each other this is why gods appear like humans and their characters blend with an ordinary human being who is after the power and wealth. Humans are called as gods when they show extraordinary tolerance and control of their desires, but these early Greek gods appear like humans because they fight on little things that should be considered useless by these mighty creators; however Greek mythology represents these conflicts in a similar way as they occur in ordinary human families between fathers, mothers and sons.
Anyone who is eternal has no beginning and no end but early Greek gods were born like all other human beings and gave birth to their children. It means there should be someone who has created these gods and there should be a father of these gods. A created god can never have infinite qualities rather he has finite traits that are

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