affects of child abuse and neglect

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The Effects of Child Abuse and Neglect on Children
The future of our children depends upon the care and nurture they receive. Unfortunately, many of our children end up in non-traditional, or traditional families where they are abused and neglected by someone in their household. People have a difficult time defining child abuse and neglect. They do not know specifically what falls under the various categories’ of child abuse and neglect. Some people contend that child abuse encompasses anyone who physically or emotionally neglects a child. However , according to Reardon, child abuse and neglect is defined as “Any recent act or failure to act on the part of a parent or caretaker which results in death ,serious physical or emotional harm, …show more content…

If they do run away, it is possible spend the rest of their lives associating that hiding place as a source of comfort rather than putting their trust in people (Herman 92).
As adults, parents and caretakers need to understand that children are innocent, and no child should ever have to endure this type of psychological abuse from parents or caretakers because at the end of the day the child’s parents or caretakers are always going to be stronger than the child. There are other ways to handle children rather than putting one’s hands on them if they have done something bad, such as time outs, taking their video games away, no television, or adding a list of other things to their chores. Parents or caretakers need to realize when they psychologically abuse their child constantly, it prepares their child to become aggressive and violent when they grow up. Children can be taught to discipline themselves if guided the right way by an adult. This is something that parents or caretakers should really think about when raising their children.
Additionally, children have several emotional needs that must be met in order for them to thrive. According to Child Welfare Information Gateway, “If a child is to survive and achieve satisfaction during adulthood, the following six basic needs must be met during infancy and childhood: security, nurturance, and stimulation, continuity, reciprocity, and value

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