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Career and Family Report
     The career I chose was Computer Engineer. Computer Engineers work with the hardware and software aspects of computer design and development. They use science and mathematics to develop new kinds of hardware and software and also solve technical problems. Computer engineers usually work as part of a team rather than by themselves. Computer hardware engineers usually design, develop, test and supervise the manufacture of computer hardware- such as chips or device controllers. Software engineers usually research, design, and test operating system software that helps run your computer.
Computer engineers usually need a bachelor's degree in computer engineering or electrical
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Computer engineers held about 299,000 jobs in 1998 and that number will continue to rise well into the future (Occupational).
     I found a house in Oxford, Ohio. It is a brand new house with four bedrooms, 2.5 baths, full basement, and 3-car garage. It is about 2,200 square feet and sits on a 1.22-acre lot. It is about $194,900 and the monthly mortgage comes to about $1,290.02 ( My monthly utilities total about $199 and my homeowner's insurance is about $19 a month. We live a nice neighborhood where crime is low and the average age is 22 ( The Oxford school district is similar to the Maple Shade school district; there are not that many students, but they set a high standard on education. Basically, I this is a great house and a great town to raise a family.
     I have a great family. I have a wife, who is an accountant at Computer Science Corporation. I have three children: two boys and a girl. My oldest son, Jack, is 5 years old; my other son, Jordan, is 3 years old; and my youngest child is my daughter, Jill, who is 1 year old. My oldest son is a child prodigy; he is already a junior in high school. My other son, Jordan, is also very intelligent; he enjoys listening to Mozart while he is playing with his toys. My daughter, Jill, is beginning to talk. All of my children are taught to respect their elders, even though Jill and might not understand that concept

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