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The End of the Culture War over Immigration
A culture War has erupted in America. The country has become visibly divided over emotionally charged topics such as: abortion, gay marriage, gun-control, and healthcare. Many Americans have chosen sides in a polarized debate which pins conservative traditionalists against liberal progressives over the direction of America’s future. One topic which has not received as much attention as the rest, yet potentially has the largest impact on the common American is that of Immigration. As of late, the immigration debate has received more traction, due to the Obama Administration’s new reform Act (Commonsense Immigration Reform Act of 2011) as well as the growing number of undocumented immigrants …show more content…

The fact that conservative Catholics support immigration is one of the large factors that make the immigration debate different from other culture war debates.
Those who support a restrictive immigration policy consist of older conservatives who vote for the G.O.P. These individuals have a traditionalist type mentality who ultimately fear that a unrestrictive immigration policy will result in an “identity crises in which will compromise the very fabric of the English language and the security of the English speaking Americans”(Brownstein 48). Because many undocumented workers are hired to perform lower skilled jobs and jobs that involve physical labor, Americans that have unionized professions feel threatened by the low wages these immigrants are willing to accept to perform similar tasks. Feeling that these undocumented workers undermine the American un ion system, Americans involved in a unionized profession typically support a restrictive immigration policy. These workers mostly fall on the liberal-progressive side of the debate, but because they feel economically threated by the growing number of undocumented workers they oppose immigration (Brownstein 46). This further complicates the immigration debate because most of these workers are liberals, but side with a majority that is conservative on the immigration debate (the same way

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