change management

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Change Theories in Nursing X Ngozi Oguejiofo Ngozi Oguejiofo has been writing on a freelance basis since 2009 and most of her writings are focused on health. She is currently a registered nurse. She is interested in teaching, and writes articles focused on student nurses for various online publications. By Ngozi Oguejiofo, eHow Contributor Print this article Change means making something different from the way it was originally. Change may be planned or unplanned. Unplanned changes bring about unpredictable outcomes, while planned change is a sequence of events implemented to achieve established goals. In nursing a change agent is a person who brings about changes that impact nursing services. The change agent may be a…show more content…
It can be interpreted as a systematic process at times but now works in ways that provide almost immediate new actions taking place. The basic idea is to “unfreeze” current methods, so that new ideas and implemented changes can be fixated and put into place and then to “freeze” these new procedures so that they will stick, and those affected by them can learn and become accustomed to the new process involving their work (Rouda 1995). Strategic planning is a necessity when change is taking place within a group environment. In this way, proper feedback can be given to the top people in the organization. Also, interaction in the planning process for change is essential as well as it gives a hands on feel of how the new methods are going to affect individuals own behaviors (such as if they are going to be favorable of it or not). Often times there can be resistance to change because it is new and questionable but by working together and having communication amongst the group participants, all the kinks can appropriately be worked out for the better. The transition then flows more fluidly than if there were not any type of change theories utilized at all. Furthermore, Lewin’s theory alone shows that action research is definitely a fundamental process when working in the areas involving human resources
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