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The short story “What, of this goldfish, Would You Wish?’ is a emotive short story written by Etgar Keret. In this story he uses Archetype of the innocent youth being Yonatan an ambitious young documenter, he has a bombastic idea for a documentary which he decides to solely execute by himself. Yoni with his one man film crew travels from house to house, neighbourhood to neighbourhood, asking the same question to a diverse selection of people. Yonaton would ask them a simple question: If you found a talking goldfish that granted you three wishes, what would you wish for?”. Yonatan determined and unafraid travels to the unsafe areas to get the full extent of responses from more then just one type of person. This is where the…show more content…
This trust is a trait only a young and innocent character could have. An example of this is he is unafraid as he knowingly aggravates Sergei who would not usually during a first encounter seen as someone that would tolerate Yonatan’s pushy and insistent behaviour. His character completely contrasts Sergei’s. As his perception of people is the complete opposite to Yonatan’s, he naturally assumes everyone has ill­intentions, and figures that no one would say or do anything to him without a ulterior motive. This is the very definition of a paranoid person. An example of this is in the very first sentence he comes in contact with Yonatan. he assumes he is a homosexual because he has a earring, he is searching for any explanations as to why someone would want to speak to him. 4 paragraphs later Sergei has come to the conclusion that Yonatan’s motive is to steal his goldfish, he feeds his paranoia with this idea. As he becomes increasingly anxious and paranoid, his narrative became cluttered and fast paced. This trait is important to Sergei’s character because it shows that Sergei’s character is scared, it shows that he killed Yonatan out of fear, not out of violent intention or anger. This creates the controversy to whether he is a dangerous person. Sergei’s interactions consist of him being fearful of what the persons intentions are, he cannot accept that some people speak to him without having the intention of hurting him in some way. This inevitably
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