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SITUATION      Four large US telephone providers merged to create a national wireless service. With a combined workforce of more than 30,000, the new company needed a communication platform to integrate its four business units. To quell the rumor mill and sustain productivity, it was important to keep employees abreast of breaking news about integration plans, customer and staffing issues, partner companies, public news releases, and changes to organization design and HR programs. SOLUTION      This problem can be solved by building trust and acceptance, and keeps employees focused on the important work at hand. It can mitigate damage caused by the rumor mill and relieve anxiety.…show more content…
People who are relatively comfortable with ambiguity will not only weather a merger situation more easily, but they will be more valuable to many organizations experiencing rapid change. (Marks, Mitchell Lee., 2003.)      Anyone who has been an eyewitness to a merger will attest to the intensity of emotion and human drama involved. There is no other corporate phenomenon that stirs up so many passions a testament to the multilayered significance of such an event.            An open information policy will inspire the merger internally and externally – as soon as the employees support the merger, they act as internal 'catalysts'. If managers and employees are well informed, if there is clarity about the future vision, they are more prepared to commit themselves to the company goals. Customers and suppliers also need to be informed. This is more than just a minor diversion: a merger is a fantastic chance to extend business relations and to face competitors more successfully which have hitherto only been lying in wait for a decline of performance.      Leaders of companies that have been successful with acquisitions and integrations realize, first and foremost, that this is a process dependent on people and that these people may be at their most insecure and vulnerable. The best leaders remember that an acquisition will
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