Reflective Essay On Communication

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Though technology has made it easier for communication across distance, I find that maintaining communication depends on one’s own dedication to stay in contact. Having lived in Massachusetts, Colorado, and lastly, Oklahoma, I have gained many friends across the country. I have unfortunately lost some of my friends’ contact information. Regardless, for the purposes of this project I chose to talk to two of my friends in Massachusetts. Earlier this year I applied and received the opportunity to visit Amherst College. Because I had once lived in the town, I was excited to have the opportunity to go back and visit after five years. I told my friends in Massachusetts that I was planning to visit for a college trip, but that I was hoping to be …show more content…

I suppose I am also not the best at online conversations. Because I don’t always know what to say, I will resort to asking about school, homework, the town, or pets. I now realize that doing so does not necessarily open up the conversation, although that depends on who one is talking to. The next time I see her online, I think I will ask more about Lillie herself and how things have changed since I left, although admittedly, we were not the closest of friends then either. Knowing that, I am still a bit disappointed that she did not think to tell me more about important changes in her life whenever I ask, “How are you?”. Thus, even though Lillie did not respond, I was able to learn something about myself and my friendships. It seems to me that I have had more contact with my second friend than with Lillie, noting that neither of them know each other. My second friend’s alias will be Hazel in this paper. I seem to have more of a connection with Hazel than with Lillie. I have also friended her on Facebook, so I know more about what Hazel is doing. When I mentioned canceling my trip, Hazel responded in a positive way, saying, “Oh, that’s a shame, but maybe you can visit next year!”. After that, we continued to chat about finals, and plans for winter break. I initially expected that Hazel might be disappointed that I would not be visiting, but her reaction made me aware of

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