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UNIVERSITY OF ZIMBABWE DEPARTMENT OF PSYCHOLOGY NAME: CHARLES NYUNGU REGISTRATION NUMBER: R115700F PROGRAM: H.P.S III COURSE: CONSUMER PSYCHOLOGY LECTURER: MR MATIKA ASSIGNMENT TITLE: Scan three adverts from a magazine or newspaper and outline the advertisement‘s effects on your affect, cognition and behaviour. DUE DATE: 24TH MARCH 2014 Advertising plays a pivotal role in the lives of consumers. Advertising moulds the attitudes of the person as well as of the society and they certainly influence behaviour of the customers. The customer has to deal with a vast amount of information and make a best choice, conclude and make vital decision (Jakstiene, Susniene and Narbutas, 2008). Jakstiene et…show more content…
However, it is anticipated that this recognition, according to Jokubauskas (2007) should take place from side to side with cognitive aspects which are the customer’s emotions, reasoning, senses, language and thoughts. Hunger (a feeling of affection) a biogenic need was created or elicited by the Burger King advert, in order to satisfy that need one learnt (a cognitive aspect) that through the advert he/she can get a burger at Burger King. Accordingly, individual must also apprehend the significance of the product advertised, that it is no doubt what is being referred to in the advert is real and that the benefit of the product is truly important (just as the advert states) for example that the burger will it really blow someone’s mind, is it 7 inches long and does it taste better. Finally, a behaviour has to be produced, one will then decide whether to approach the burger shop and taste it or just ignores the advert as behaviour refers to the way one performs when exposed to an attitude object. However, Kotler (2007) states that the most central thing is not the performance itself, but the information logged in the memory, its assimilation and acknowledgment in the future. Thus the next time when one feels hungry he/she then may remember of Burger King, then maybe hurries there and grab
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