determine the activity of G6Pase Essay

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Lecturer: Dr. IVAN CHUNG
Group B
Student Name: Yip Ho Yin (Student ID:12309985A)
Student Name: Wong Kin Hin (Student ID:12310084A)
Student Name: Ling Tung Yin (Student ID:12307848A)
Student Name: Cheuk Hiu Fung (Student ID:12309957A)
Student Name: Wong Hoi Tung (Student ID:12309501A)

Date of submission:

Date of Experiment: Introduction
Glucose-6-phosphase (G6Pase) is an enzyme presented in liver and used in the hydrolysis of glucose-6-phosphate (G6P). This catalyst the final step in glycogeneogeneis and glycogenolysis which is the key point of homeostatic regulating the blood
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During the experiment, the samples are placed in the water bath. The water tank has a large volume and it is an open system. The temperature of the water inside is difficult to keep constant. That makes the reaction in the sample cannot perform well at a suitable temperature, which is the body temperature. As there is a difference in the temperature, the reaction completeness in each sample may not be the same. The products formed may not be completed. That means there are some reactants were at complex form. This affects the result of the experiment. We cannot have an accurate measure of each sample. Thus, the accuracy of the experiment is not good enough.

Another reason that causes an error is the sedimentation of the homogenized liver tissue. After grounding and homogenizing the liver tissue, it was put into a container and wait for the next step of the experiment. However, during this period of time, the sedimentation of the sample occurred. The G6Pase that we needed may lie down. Only the surface of the homogenized liver tissue is extracted and therefore the amount and purity of the enzyme is not accurate.

The last reason that leads to an error is that the experiment last
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