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Name: Ethan Burstein

Birthday: 6/21/97

Education: Freshmen (highschool)

Experience: I 've been playing and watching my whole life, and I was on my high school freshmen team this year

Favorite Team: (include NBA teams, Euro league teams, international teams, and Division 1 college teams)

I 'm a HUGE Heat fan, and I despise the Celtics. I live in CT so I 'm also a pretty big Uconn fan and go to their games alot

Why are they your favorite team? How long have you been a fan of said team?

Well, it 's actually a pretty long story why I became a Heat fan. When I was younger my dad would always give me trivia questions and sort of just eased me into liking LeBron. I used to be a Cavs fan and …show more content…

PS. Just got another like


I 'll try my best

Could you/do you cover "March Madness"? College Basketball?

March Madness is one of my favorite times of year! It would be an honor to cover March Madness!

Where are you from? Can you cover the Euroleague, International Leagues, and other foreign basketball activities frequently?

I 'm from Connecticut, and I don 't normally watch International leagues (except for the olympics), so this could be a challenge.

Do you show bias towards playoff-bound teams? Meaning can you cover low-class teams such as the Charlotte Bobcats?

Well like I said, I 'm a huge Heat fan and I love to debate so I wouldn 't turn my back against them. But, I can cover low-class teams. In fact, I think the Bobcats have a lot of raw young talent. They have Kemba, DJ Augustin, Tyrus Thomas, Gerald Henderson, etc. I think these fresh legs brings for an up-tempo fun to watch game, so I definitely think I can cover low class teams.

Name any and all things we should know about you.

Well I play basketball, I work at a basketball camp, I 've won many awards, I know lots of fun facts, records, I can tell you lots of things about trade rumors, I 'll talk fantasy, and I will keep everyone up to date on news. Remember, I 'm not afraid to express my opinion and I love to debate!

Now, some stuff that would allow us to get to know you and what kind of basketball "fan" you really are:

Bigger Bandwagon: LAKERS

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