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BioLab3 Lab Report 5

Student Name: Cooper Lyon

I. Enzyme Structure and Function

EXERCISE 1 – Preparation of an enzyme activity standard
At five minute intervals over the next fifteen minute period, record the color intensity of the solution of each test tube.
Tube S1
Potato Extract + Catechol
Tube S2
Potato Extract + Water
Tube S3
Catechol + Water
Shade of Yellow
Shade of Yellow

How can benzoquinone be detected?
Benzoquinone can be detected if you see a brownish amber color in the solution

Which two solutions need to be present to produce the brown-colored benzoquinone?
Potato …show more content…

When the pH is not at its optimum, the differing pH's will disrupt the bonding between the R groups of the amino acid causing its structure and the shape of the activation site to change

3. Thermal springs, such as Old Faithful in Yellowstone National Park, have temperatures above 100°C. How does adaptation make it possible for living organisms to inhabit such an extreme environment?

At an area in which it inhabitable for normal organisms, but rich in minerals or other things that organisms need, organisms and bacteria can accidentally find their way in. Most of these things die and for thousands of years all of them might die but as soon as one manges to survive it will begin to create more heat resistant bacteria that can live in the mineral rich high-temperature water which is called, "natural selection"

4. The stomach maintains a pH of approximately 3 to 5. Do all enzymes function at this pH level? Give an example from one of the exercises.

No the don't, as Catechol Oxidase functions at a pH level of 7

5. Why do patients with high fever feel tired and listless?

A high fever causes our own proteins to begin to denature and they function far less effectively. Neurological enzymes are especially vulnerable which is why so many effects of a high fever are neurological in function

6. Some individuals who have been submerged in cold water for long periods of time have survived. How is this possible?

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