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In order to study how people learn a new set of behaviors, we are going to apply three learning theories which learned though this course: classical conditioning, operant conditioning and social cognitive theory .In this paper, only one example would be applied by the theories. The chosen example is a commercial of LNYX body wash which will be further described in the next paragraph. First, we will briefly describe the cases. Then, the application of the theory will be presented part by part from classical conditioning, operant conditioning to social cognitive theory .In each part, we will briefly introduce the major concept of the theories used , followed by the studies on the effectiveness of the commercial. …show more content…

In this commercial, the stimulus is the use of LYNX body wash; the consequence is become attractive among girls. As we all know, the consequences “attractive” here, is positive and pleasant, so people will be more likely to use LYNX body wash.

The video shows both types of consequences: reinforcement and punishment. In the video, the man who use LYNX body wash and go clubbing becomes more charming and attracts girls’ attentions. Being charm is a positive reinforcement.
Since Behavior is followed by the delivery of an appetitive stimulus, and it is Increases the probability of that behavior (Skinner, 1969), the delivery of attractiveness after using LYNX body wash reinforces him to increase the behavior of using LYNX body wash. Another man in the commercial, who wears in pink, is using other common brand’s body wash and going clubbing, he becomes feminine and unwelcome among girls. Removal of attractiveness is the negative punishment since behavior is followed by the removal of an appetitive stimulus, and it is decreasing the probability of that behavior (Skinner, 1969).Therefore, people will not choose to use other brand’s body wash so as to avoid the unwelcome consequence of removing attractiveness.

In order to have an in-depth study on the effectiveness of the commercial based one operant conditioning, we will examine the fulfillment of some important conditions for operant conditioning

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