love and relationships

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By Abbas Zaher Introduction and analysis of Poems (Part A) Warmth of connection, elegance and beauty, passion, support and sacrifice. These are all vital elements needed for love. This anthology of poems is about the theme loving relationships. These poems allow the reader to explore the ways in which each relationship has a different overall emotion. From the thrill and passion described in “Electric Love” by Denis Glover to the overwhelming care and nurturing in “Bridge over troubled water” by Paul Simon. Readers gain an enhanced perspective of how strong bonds between one another are dominated by an overall different love. This is demonstrated in the poem ‘Tidal Wave’ by Stacy Lynn Stiles. This poem shows a mothers affectionate…show more content…
This is also shown in the quote “Sail on silvergirl sail on by your time has come to shine… if you need a friend I’m sailing right behind”. The “sail on silvergirl sail on by” reveals that his time of taking care of her is over, however “if you need a friend I’m sailing right behind” portrays that he will always be there for her to protect her. Therefore the father wants to keep hold of the loving relationship between him and his daughter and do whatever it takes to keep her safe and happy. Thrill, excitement and happiness are demonstrated in the poem “Electric Love” by Denis Glover and also the spark between a man and a woman. This is portrayed in “Oh yes my loves a dynamo, who charges all the air; my love is an Electrolux” The mixture of vibrant, joyful metaphors demonstrates the excitement and liveliness that they have in the relationship. The quote “my love is a dynamo who charges all the air” implies that his love is captivating and full of energy and whenever he sees her there is a spark which seems to arouse him. Also “My love is an Electrolux” represents that his love lights up his life and brightens his day. This is also conveyed in “Hers is the current keeping bright. My filament of being”. This combination of stimulating metaphors exemplifies the strong love in the relationship. “My filament of being” shows that his love is keeping him alive and
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