overpopulation a problem? Essay

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Is Overpopulation a Serious Problem?

This question seems to be question that is asked quite frequently lately. In the last two centuries, population has skyrocketed. In 1800 the world population was only at 1 billion, and today it’s estimated that the world population exceeds six billion people. With overpopulation, many problems have arisen. Some believe that overpopulation is the reason for world hunger, global population will reach crisis proportions by 2050, and some believe that overpopulation will bring the extinction of the human race. When one looks at the arguments that these people present, its quite overwhelming the amount of evidence that’s supports their argument. On the other side, the
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However, he cites Mr. William Godwin in that the passion between the genders will eventually, with the help of time, be dissolved. But, has no proof to reinforce this claim. Malthus states that, “The best arguments for the perfectibility of man are drawn from a contemplation of the great progress that he has already made from the savage state and the difficulty of saying where he is to stop.”* Further, he says that he had not seen any progress towards extinguishing of the passion of the genders, and appears to be in full force today, just as it was thousands of years ago. Just as with everything else, there are the exceptions of course, but these exceptions are not showing any signs of increasing. “But, as these exceptions do not appear to increase in number, it would surely be a very unphilosophical mode of arguing, to infer merely from the existence of an exception, that exception would, in time, become the rule, and the rule the exception.”* Malthus states that the power in the earth is forever less than the power of population to produce subsistence for man.
Subsistence increases only in an arithmetical ratio, while population increases in geometrical ratio when left unchecked. From this one can see the sheer overwhelming comparison of the first power to the second. Since food is a necessity for mankind, the consequences of the
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