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Commoditification and its Affects
The process of commodification is turning people into commodities (Rose, p. 302). Consequently, affecting our youth’s perception on societal perfection. Surely, it is also leaving medical professionals in nursing homes, and hospices empathetical blind to patients as people. According to Rose Wietz, author of A Critical Approach: The Sociology of Health, Illness, and Health Care, sociologist Timothy Diamond (1992) observed commodification and its impact on nursing home’s residents, and what he reported was improper, and irresponsible caring for elders.
Background Review on Timothy Diamond’s Research As a certified nursing assistant for several years, Mr. Diamond concludes that nursing home residents are …show more content…

Commodification in Hospice
Hospice emerged from the public’s growing concern that there needed to be a better caregiving system for the dying. Hospice provided that, and more with its initial philosophy of “choice,” and integration of care into the client’s lives, as oppose to vice-versa. However, its initial philosophy standard of care was being traded for social acceptance, and financial support due to cooptation, and commodification (Rose, p. 308). Primarily, the hospice philosophy promoted that patients should participate and choose how the care is administered. Furthermore, patients culd even choose to stay at home, eat how they wanted, and receive pain medications when they pleased. Therefore, one could say commodification didn’t exist as this point. (Rose, p. 313). Secondly, the early philosophy turn its back on regimentation; whereas it favored integrating care into clients lives. In other words, it wanted patients to understand they will people, and not machines as hospitals at the time had made them seem. As a result, the overall philosophy was eliminating schedules of when visitors are allowed, types of foods, and what the patient can wear – giving patients the right to choose (Rose, p. 309). Indeed, the care-free 20th century hospice philosophy was considered a very innovative and realistic outlook on health care; enough that

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