sports stadium financing in the 1990s Essay

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The sentiment can be heard in any office break room, local tavern, or play field. The utter discontent of the increasing cost of attending professional sporting events. Distain ranges from players salaries to cost of parking and concessions. One local newscaster, channel 5 in Chicago, Illinois – April, 2003, reports that for a family of four to attend a major league baseball game on opening day costs between $160 and $200 dollars.
The precursor to this cost was a decade of skyrocketing salaries and the trend to build huge public ally financed megaplexis to house these professional athletes. The current response to this ostentatious decade is to put forth bills to …show more content…

~ Daniel Sutter, “Public Subsidies for Sports Stadiums Don’t Spur Economic Growth”

Some urban (stadium) facilities….Built in blighted areas, have had positive spin-off effects that no other type of development could have matched due to the regional support for professional sports. Not only did the facilities stimulate development in the immediate area, but it

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