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Stress Log & Assignment

1) On july 27, 2011 my mother passed away from colon cancer. From that day on I think I was introduced to stress. Before my mom passed I was a free bird. I was a happy person when

certain problems came my way I was able to brush them off and push them to the side, Loosing my mother had changed me in so many ways emotionally and physically. My stress level was high

I was emotional, I'l get upset easily over small things, and I didn't look happy. At times when I looked in mirror I would look in the mirror i would see an permanent angry look on my face. My mom's

passingI felt worthless, I no longer had any hope for anything. I would question …show more content…

After high school I was somewhat active I became lazier as the years went by. Now as I a 26 yea

rs, I don't exercise at all. Exercising and eating healthy isn't an option. As far as my eating habits, I don't watch what eat or eat healthy. Whatever comes to mind is what i eat. When I'm stressed i'm the

to type to go out to a night club with my friends and party. My night with my friends involves alcohol which makes me forget my problems and eases the stress. Going out partying can become an all

nighter, I'm out all night when i know I have to work in the morning and it affects how much sleep i'm getting which is not so much.

4) My thoughts when I'm stressed were always negative, I felt like I had an enemy inside of me. It made my stress worst for me because I became more angry. Anything that was positive or a happy

moment I would shut it down with a negative thought and i'll began to think about my mom and remind my self that she's gone thats when stress would come back around. It always felt like my

thoughts were competitive.

5) My feeling made the stress worst for me because I felt so hurt. At times I would sit alone in my room where its dark and just cry myself to sleep. I became distant and just wanted to be alone, I was

in grief nothing seemed important to me. Waking up everyday knowing your mom is gone, and you can't see her made me more stressed out. I know i wasn't okay mentally and I was

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