the advancement of racial equality

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The Advancement of Racial Equality

Since the beginning of the United States of America becoming one union has been the driving force in the lives of many people. Major Ownes, who was a New York politician as well as a member of the Democratic Party once said, “What is our biggest enemy? Segregation.” However, what he failed to put into his quote was the racial equality was an even bigger enemy. Far beyond the days of the Civil War and even the American Revolution, African American people have been looked down upon because of the color of our skin. Whereas in today’s society having African American blood run through your veins is seen as somewhat of a pleasure, even an honor, so to speak this was not always the case.
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All around Africa, African people were turning on one another so that their tribes would be safe. After capturing the slave Americans would make the march to the coast wand their slaves would be held in slave dungeons or factories. Often times the woman’s wing would be held closer to the American men’s wing there they would be raped, tortured, and some even died. After being held in the slave dungeons, Africans would take the trip on the Middle Passage, it could take anywhere from four weeks to six months. Slaves would be held below deck in tight cramped spaces and some would be lying next to others who were no longer alive. Some Africans tried to escape the fate that awaited them by jumping over board; so, to prevent this from happening Americans would put nets around the ship so that their captives could no longer escape. If the African was lucky enough to survive the Middle Passage they would then be sold at auctions where women would go for the price of two men where they would start their new lives on plantations. Slaves would work tirelessly in the fields from sun up to sun down picking cotton. Some slave women were the servants to the wives of their owners; they would sleep outside their bedrooms on the cold hard floor and make sure the wives every need was taking care of, this was especially true women the white women were expecting to have a baby. For other slaves they were lucky
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