the farewell party

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ESSAY- The Farewell Party

Paragraph 1- Who is leaving, and why, and when the farewell party is Paragraph 2- Planning the farewell party Paragraph 3- What happened during the party ( 5 senses, descriptive ) Paragraph 4- the reaction of the people there Paragraph 5-Conclusion: the feelings of everyone when you say farewell

Saying farewell to a person, or even the thought of doing so is quite a shuddering idea to look
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Then all the twelfth graders will be asked to give a small speech to make their peers from lower grades understand what they are up to face and what task could be done in which specific way, all which will stay as valuable advice. Soon plans for the location and time came up and everyone involved rushed off to dedicate themselves to their arduous but to be fruitful tasks. Even some teachers join in to give their beloved students a good impression of what they are setting forth to achieve in their live.
After long and pained meetings, discussion and planning, the farewell party finally happened, and lots of people were there, friends and accomplices of those who are leaving. There was much activity in the room we were in. There were colors of all types floating across the room hanging from any equipment on the walls or ceiling, to give a vibrant impression. The drooling smell of cake and other snacks drifted through the whole room, lifting many hearts and attracting them like moths to a light. There was loud chatter amongst the occupants, but that ended as soon as the program commenced. There was a lot of reactions and emotions amongst the people there as one by one all the activities were done, after which the twelfth graders gave a speech, giving their thanks, and helpful advice, and also showing their deepest gratitude and
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