yr 7 unit pla for basketball

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Assessment task 3 By Riggo Figueroa

For the purpose of assessment, this paper will be based on a year 7 middle school class who are beginning a new unit of basketball. This paper will attempt to show how teachers can educate students to acquire new skills in basketball and various ways to assess development and adaptation (by students) to the sport. Basketball is a diverse sport, played across the globe, that captures a variety of skills, which participants try to attain. The main skills used in basketball are dribbling, shooting, passing, and defending, but many other developmental skills (which come under the umbrella of the main skills) can be acquired. By understanding the main skills needed to teach basketball on an autonomous
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Another possibility that may arise is that the more skilful students may empathize with the students who are less skilful and take on a leadership role. For example, the next step of the unit will be to learn how to dribble a basketball. Now that the teacher has knowledge of the different skill levels of students, an even playing field can be implanted by either, mixing skilful students with less skilful students or separating the skilful students and the less skilled students. This can work, by giving the skilled students goals that are more challenging and the less skilled students, goals that are more suited to their proficiency level. For the purpose of this paper, the unit will be based on mixing skilful students with less skilled students together, and modifying game situations to enhance development and acquisition of skills by creating challenges that both skill levels will find fun. For example, as Physical education is a practical subject, children at this year level (7) learn best by demonstration of proper technique and getting students to put the technique into practice. For a dribbling lesson, a teacher can change the basketball to a tennis ball for various mini dribbling games. This change of ball will not only challenge students but may help bring the students level and understanding of one another’s dilemma. This approach provides a relatively fun activity and
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