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10. From the following heats of combustion,

CH3OH(l) + 3/2O2(g) → CO2(g) + 2H2O(l) ΔHorxn = –726.4 kJ/mol
C(graphite) + O2(g) → CO2(g) ΔHorxn = –393.5 kJ/mol
H2(g) + ½O2(g) → H2O(l) ΔHorxn = –285.8 kJ/mol

Calculate the enthalpy of formation of methanol (CH3OH) from its elements.
C(graphite) + 2H2(g) + ½O2(g) → CH3OH(l)


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Step 1

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Tren eaction ic shonm belon: U) CHOH )20,(q) The PH+3)coig) + 2 0l) A clpraphite) 새우지 -726-4 kTmd AH 393.5 KImol 285 G KJ m AH

Step 2

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The eaetio u) is reversed as shonm belon co(q24o1)- 02 an 264 kJMol

Step 3

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The readtion3) ic multiplied by 2 and i AHo, is to the same number as shonn below: wultiplied by 2,0) A2(-285.8) = -571.6 kTMol (5)


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