Find the measure of each angle indicated

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Q: Let f(x)=7x+3/3x+2.   Find f−1(x)

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Q: Algebra Question

A: We are solving the first question and for the next questions post the question again and also mentio...

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A: In the question it is asked to write The total cost C as a function of numbers produced. The total ...

Q: Solve for x. 2 20x - 42 %3D 22 + x - 42 Submit Question

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Q: The perimeter of a regulation singles tennis court is 210 ft and the length is 30 ft less than four ...

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Q: 8. Hello is anyone Available to help me please and thanks you

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Q: Factor the expression and simplify. (a2 + 1)2 - 7(a2 + 1) + 10

A: The given expression is (a2 + 1)2 - 7(a2 + 1) + 10

Q: Cole orders 4 bags of salted potato chips, 3 bags of sour cream, and chive potato chips, and 2 bags ...

A: Given, Potato Chips packet = 4 Soye cream.               = 3 Barbeque chip           = 2 Cost of eac...

Q: Substituting x = 3 in the equation 4x 2 10 makes the equation true, so the number 3 is a of the equa...

A: x=3, 4x-2=10

Q: Rationalize the numerator.

A: We have to rationalize the numerator: x+1-x To rationalize we need to multiply and divide by x+1+x, ...

Q: Write each set using the listing method, if necessary. Then decide which of the sets are equal. (2, ...

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Q: The given equation is either linear or equivalent to a linear equation. Solve the equation.

A: We have to solve the linear equation: 2x-x2+x+14=6x Taking LCM of the denominator in LHS side as 4, ...

Q: Solve the given linear equation.

A: x2+2x-3x2-2x-3*3-x3+x

Q: 2. Hello, I’m very confused on this question can someone please assist me

A: Known fact: The graph of y=fx-a, a>0 can be obtained by shifting the graph y=fx left side by a un...

Q: Solve. Vy+5 = 2

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Q: Solve 2x−1<4 and −5x−3>−3 and write the solution in interval notation. If there is no solution...

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Q: Determine h(x2) for the following function. 4х h(x) = %3D x2 – 12x + 36

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Q: Help !

A: Note: We are entitled to solve only one question at a time. Given: y=4x+2 To Find: i. Sketch the giv...

Q: Which equation below represents the inverse of f(x)=4V(x+2)-1? * O f^(-1) (x)=1/4 v(x-2) +1 O F^(-1)...

A: Given: f(x)=4(x+2)-1

Q: 9. I’m confused with this problem can someone please help thanks

A: The relation between f and g is g(x)=f(x+4)  

Q: 5. I’ve been stuck on this math problem for half an hour can someone help me?

A: Given : fx = ex-5gx = ex+4-8

Q: Find the sum, difference, or product. x2(x + 3)

A: The given expression is, x2x+3. The objective is to find the product of the polynomials x2   and  x+...

Q: 121. PROVE: Special Factoring Formulas Prove the following formulas by expanding the right-hand side...

A: (a) Consider the given expression A3-B3

Q: Perform the multiplication or division and simplify.

A: Given x2+2x-3x2-2x-3.3-x3+x

Q: - 2r2- 6y = -2x + 5y %3D he previous step at x = -3.

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Q: Vx -1=7 Select the correct choice below and, if necessary,1 O A. x= (Simplify your answer. Type an i...

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Q: Show that each of these is not a vector space. (Hint. Start by listing two members of each set.) 1. ...

A: 1. Let a=100 and b=1-11 belong to given set. Then, a+b=1+0+0+1-1+1=2 Therefore, a+b does not belong ...

Q: Add (−8x2−9xy−5y2​) and (11x2−7xy+7y2​)

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Q: Algebra Question

A: Hello. Since your question has multiple sub-parts, we will solve first three sub-parts for you. If y...

Q: Factor the expression and simplify. (x + 1)3 x - 2(x + 1)2 x2 + x3 (x + 1)

A: Given x+13x-2x+12x2+x3(x+1)

Q: Find the domain of the expression.

A: We have to find domain of the expression: x+3 We know for any square root function fx it must satisf...

Q: Find the future value, use the future value formula and a calculator. $1000 at 7 3/4% simple interes...

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Q: Factor the perfect square. x2 + 10 x + 25

A: Consider the provided perfect square, x2+10x+25 Find the factor of the perfect square.  

Q: State and use the appropriate forulae, find the sum of the odd numbers from 1 to 199, inclusive

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Q: A Apex Learning - Courses tivity/4004004/assessment L 4.4.4 Quiz: Shifting Functions Horizontally Qu...

A: Answer and explanation is given below...

Q: 6. The Special Factoring Formula for a “perfect square" is So x? + 10x + 25 A? + 2AB + B² = factors ...

A:   To find the special factoring formula for a ''perfect square'' A2 + 2AB + B2.  Also, to factorise ...

Q: sitioncand label the reference angle. 17T 6.

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Q: 1. hello, can someone please assist me thanks

A: We have to recognise the shifting property

Q: The notation x = y mod n is used to indicate the unique integer x in the range 0 :$ x < n such th...

A: Given statement is that the notation x = y mod n is used to indicate the unique integer x in the ran...

Q: Solve the equation involving absolute value. If there is more than one answer, enter a comma separat...

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Q: Please help me with this.

A: Please rate and feel free to ask any query about any part of the question. 

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