Asked Feb 11, 2020
165. What is the final temperature when 20.0 g of water at 25°C is mixed with 30.0 g of
water at 80°C?
A) 35°C
B) 42°C
C) 53°C D) 58°C
E) 70°C

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165. What is the final temperature when 20.0 g of water at 25°C is mixed with 30.0 g of water at 80°C? A) 35°C B) 42°C C) 53°C D) 58°C E) 70°C


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Step 1

The correct answer will be  D)58oC.

Step 2

Since water at 25oC is mixed with the water at 80oC, hence the heat lost by the hotter body will be equal and opposite  to the heat gained by the colder body.

Since hotter body is loosing heat, thus q of hot body will be negative  and colder body is gaining heat, its...

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