I am struggling to solve this problem.


Thanks much.

3. CSCA-cot*A
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2 1+COSA 4 3. CSCA-cot*A sin2(A

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Q: What is trigonometry and how does it apply to other fields of mathematics?

A: Trigonometry is the branch of mathematics that studies relationships between side lengths and angles...

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A: Given information:

Q: How do you rewrite the expression using a radical?

A: Part (a)  2432/5  First we use the rule of exponent x a/n = n√xa. So, using this rule in the part (a...

Q: Determine whether the equation is an identity. If it is, explain how. (sinx + cosx)^2 = 1

A: An identity can be defined as an equality relation A=B, such that A & B contains some variables ...

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A: we have to find the value of x in the interval (0,2pie).

Q: -3 +7-7I3 0

A: Add 7 to both sides. 

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A: Left hand side of equation is (1-sinx)(1+sinx)

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Q: Complete the table with exact trigonometric function values. Do not use a calculator. 0 sin 0 COs ta...

A: We use Pythagorean identity sin^2 x+ cos^2 x=1with x=45From there we find cos45, and since cos 45 is...

Q: 3. 1+ tanx tan 2x = sec 2x s*

A: The given identity

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A: a+bi is plotted as (a,b)

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A: Let  csc t = √7  with t in second quadrant.

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A: Given trigonometric expression is,

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Q: Solve 5sin(2θ)−5cos(θ)=0 for all solutions 0≤θ<2π. θ=

A: The given equation is

Q: If cosA=(sqrt5)/5 with A in Q1 and tanB=3/7 with B in Q1, find cos(A+B).

A: If cosA=(sqrt5)/5 with A  and tanB=3/7 with B , find cos(A+B)

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Q: Find the exact values of x and y of the following:  -400 degrees  -150 degrees  250 degrees   do not...

A: The period of a function is defined as the interval where the function repeats itself.

Q: Number 23

A: Plug sin^2 x= 1-cos^2 x then simplify it. 

Q: I am unsure of how to work out this problem.

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Q: Solving home work #10

A: To express the given (trigonometric) product as a sum or diffence of sine or cosine functions

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A: Given:Consider a triangle ABC like the one below. Suppose that

Q: The figure below is a model of a Ferris wheel. The diameter of the wheel is 181 feet, and one comple...

A: The diameter of a Ferris wheel is 181 feet, it takes 15 min to complete one complete revolution, the...

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A: Number of revolutions made by the wheel in 0.5 seconds is given as

Q: Use an Addition or Subtraction Formula to simplify the equation. sin(3θ) cos(θ) − cos(3θ) sin(θ) = 0

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A: The graph meets the x-axis at (11,0) 

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A: Compute the value of cos11pi/3 as follows.

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A: The given expression is

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A: The x-coordinate of the point on the unit circle represents cosx and y-coordinate of the point on th...

Q: Solve the right triangle ABC, where C 90° a= 76.3 yd, b = 42.2 yd C yd (Simplify your answer. Type a...

A: Part 1  Here finds the side c by using the Pythagorean theorem: 

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A: Given,

Q: F(x)=-4cosx g(x)=2cosx+3  for 0<x<2pi   Shade the region on a graph bounded by the graphs of f...

A: Given functions are

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A: Consider the given trigonometric equation:

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A: Given inequalities are,

Q: How do you get the equation of the line in general form?

A: Equation of line in general form is: Ax+By+C=0Since line is parallel to line with equation: 3x-5y-6=...

Q: Find all solutions of the given equation. (Enter your answers as a comma-separated list. Let k be an...

A: Obtain the solution of the given solutions as follows.

Q: The question is shown in the image.

A: Find the angle does tangent to the curve

Q: acosa (x)+-5sin (x)-4-O

A: Consider the equation,

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A:  the value of AC=?