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2. Provide the structure of the product which results from the base-catalyzed condensation
followed by dehydration between benzophenone and propanal.

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2. Provide the structure of the product which results from the base-catalyzed condensation followed by dehydration between benzophenone and propanal.


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Step 1

The base catalyzed condensation followed by dehydration between benzophenone and propanal is an aldol condensation. Since two different carbonyl compounds react in this reaction so it is also called as Mixed Aldol condensation. 

Step 2

In Aldol condensation reaction the alpha H atom of carbonyl compound abstract with base to form enolate ion that further react with another molecule of carbonyl compound to form hydroxyl-carbonyl compounds. Further dehydration leads to the formation of α,β-unsaturated compounds.


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Он ОН A NaOH -Н-0 Нао R R Aldehyde Aldol a,B-Unsaturated product

Step 3

In the reaction of benzophenone and propanal only propanal has alpha H atoms as the structure of given below. Benzophenone c...


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a-H atoms HH Н-с-с-с H нн Propanal Benzophenone


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