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Determine the number of significant digits that would be in the answer of the following calculations.



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Step 1

Significant figures are used to show  the degree of accuracy of any given answer. The rules for identification of significant figures are as follows:

  • Non-zero digits are always considered to be the significant figures. (1 to 9)
  • The zeros present between non-zero digits are considered to be significant figures. (for example – 5004 has four significant figures.)
  • Zeros which are present at left to the decimal are not considered as significant figures. (for example – 0000.96 has two significant figures.)
  • While on the right side of the decimal place, zeros between decimal and non-zero digits are not considered to be significant figures. (for example - 0.0045 has two significant figures.)
  • On the right side of the decimal place, zeros after the non-zero digits are considered to be significant figures. (0.28000 has five significant figures)
Step 2

The addition, subtraction, multiplication and division are done in a normal way. The number of significant figures in an answer are determined by the least number of significant figures in the given problem.

The given problem is:

24.2 has three significant figures, 0.0025 has two significant figures and 6.023×104 has four significant figures.  Thus, the answer will be mentioned in two significant figures. The calculation is mentioned below:

24.2x0.0025x 6.023 x 104
24.2x0.0025x 6.023x 104

Image Transcriptionclose

24.2x0.0025x 6.023 x 104 24.2x0.0025x 6.023x 104 3643.915

Step 3

3643.915 has seven significant figures. It can also be written as 3.643915×103.

The digit after 6 is 4 which is less than 5, there...

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