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25.13     A 14-gauge copper wire of diameter 1.628 mm carries a current of 12.5 mA. (a) What is the potential difference across a 2.00-m length of the wire? (b) What would the potential difference in part (a) be if the wire were silver instead of copper, but all else were the same?

HINT: It is not necessary to work this problem again for part (b).


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Step 1

The diameter of the wire is 1.628mm, and current through the copper wire is 12.5mA, and the resistivity of copper wire is 1.72x10-8ohm meter.

(a)Write the expression for the resistance of the wire.


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R p p 1.72x10-m 1 2.00m 1 = p. (Itd 14) | d=1.628 x103 m 2.00m =1.72x10mx (3.14(1.628x10 m/4 0.0165 Q

Step 2

Write the expression for the potential energy.


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V Ix R = 12.5 x103 Ax 0.0 1 65 2.0625x10V

Step 3

(b)The resistivity of silver is 1.59x10-8ohm meter.

Write the...


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R =pτ p 1.59x10-m 1 -2.00m 1 = p. (rd 4) | d=1.628 x103 m 2.00m -1.59x10%mx (3.14(1.628x10 m/4) =0.01520


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