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  1. 2M(s)+6HCl(aq)⟶2MCl3(aq)+3H2(g)ΔH1=−783.0 kJ2M(s)+6HCl(aq)⟶2MCl3(aq)+3H2(g)ΔH1=−783.0 kJ
  2. HCl(g)⟶HCl(aq)  ΔH2=−74.8 kJHCl(g)⟶HCl(aq)  ΔH2=−74.8 kJ
  3. H2(g)+Cl2(g)⟶2HCl(g) ΔH3=−1845.0 kJH2(g)+Cl2(g)⟶2HCl(g) ΔH3=−1845.0 kJ
  4. MCl3(s)⟶MCl3(aq)  ΔH4=−124.0 kJMCl3(s)⟶MCl3(aq)  ΔH4=−124.0 kJ

Use the given information to determine the enthalpy of the reaction



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Step 1

In-order to get the desired equation, following r...

Chemistry homework question answer, step 1, image 1

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