-32-9 9-4 2. Consider the following function f: r2 r< 1 f (x) = Find lim,1-f (x) (a) (b) Find lim,1+ f (x) . Find lim (c) 1f (1). (d) 1? Briefly explain. Is f continuous at r

2. Consider the following function f:
r2 r< 1
f (x) =
Find lim,1-f (x)
Find lim,1+ f (x) .
Find lim
1f (1).
1? Briefly explain.
Is f continuous at r
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-32-9 9-4 2. Consider the following function f: r2 r< 1 f (x) = Find lim,1-f (x) (a) (b) Find lim,1+ f (x) . Find lim (c) 1f (1). (d) 1? Briefly explain. Is f continuous at r

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