66. $20,000 is invested at 3.5% interest compounded monthly. How long will it take for the investment to double? Round to the nearest tenth of a year.

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Q: What does the nth term test determine for the summation of (e^n)/(e^n+n) from 0 to infinity?

A: We are given the expression,

Q: step by step please.

A: Given,

Q: what´s the derivate of x/3*x^2

A: To Find the derivative.Taking the constant term outside, and cancel the common term x,

Q: 17. Find the exact area of the surface z = 1 + 2x + 3y + 4y2, 1x 4, 0 y < 1

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Q: Solve. (4^x)^2-2(4^x)-1=0

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Q: I need help with parts b. and c.   JUST THESE PARTS

A: b). Given

Q: Find the derivative of.

A: To determine the derivative of the quotient

Q: see attachment

A: The domain of a function f(x) is defined as a set of values of x for which function is defined and t...

Q: Calculus Question

A: The given function is,

Q: The operating cost to an airline for having a flight between its west-coast and east-coast hubs chan...

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Q: see attachment

A: Answer: cos B= 5/13 

Q: Find equation of the tangent line to the curve at the following point.

A: To write an equation for tangent line to the curve at a given point, we calculate the slope at the g...

Q: Find a rectangular-coordinate equation for the curve by eliminating the parameter. x = 2 cos(t), y =...

A: Given parametric equations are

Q: 1 0 -1 1. For what values of x does the function f have a local maximum on (0,8)? Answer (separate b...

A: Functions can have "hills and valleys": places where they reach a minimum or maximum value. It may n...

Q: Find the area of the region that is bounded by the given curve and lies in the specified sector. 4. ...

A: We have to use area formula of polar coordinates with a= pi/2 and b=2pi

Q: I need help solving a Calculus problem. The problem is as follows: C(x) = 100 + 7x - x^2 + 8x^3. Fin...

A: The derivative of a cost function is called marginal cost.

Q: Find an equation for the line tangent to the graph of f(x)=−7xe^x at the point (a,f(a)) for a=2.

A: Given:

Q: I need help with e. and f.      JUST THESE TWO PARTS

A: First of all, we define F(x) as a composite function by identifying the inside function h(x) and out...

Q: Finding derivative.

A: Given function can be expressed as 

Q: Answer the following questions about the function whose derivative is f′​(x)=(x+2)e^-x.Assume the do...

A: for increasing and decreasing the function.

Q: Can you help with this problem step by step?

A: given function is

Q: For the composite function, identify an inside function and an outside function and write the deriva...

A: Given function

Q: What are the reference angles for the following

A: For the first image,

Q: A right triangle has side lengths 8, 15, and 17 as shown below. Use these lengths to find tan B, sin...

A: To determine the basic trigonometric ratios of the given angles

Q: lo eTTIoprvars ruc, -too 42 3r (c) Use the substitution rule to show that lim0 f(x) = lim^0+ f() and...

A: Given

Q: step by step please, i believe this is the compound interest formula

A: Given,The initial deposit (P) = $10000The account worth (A) = $15000The interest is compounded daily...

Q: 2. If you graph the function 1 - el/ x f(x) 1+el/x you will see that f appears to be an odd function...

A: Recall the following fact.

Q: Find the gradient vector and level curve of the following functions at the given point and show that...

A: Given,

Q: Why is 00 an indeterminate form while 10 is not? Explain this in a few steps.(a) Recall that a 0 0 i...

A: To discuss which ratios are indeterminates (and which are not). 

Q: Find the derivative.

A: To compute the derivatives of the composite functions from the given data

Q: Identify the curve by finding a Cartesian equation for the curve. 18. θ = π/3

A: Given that

Q: Recall the arithmetic mean of two positive numbers a and b. Show that the value of c in the conclusi...

A: Consider the two positive number a and b and the function

Q: Consider the function f(x,y)=|x|+|y| Sketch the surface z = f(x,y) Draw the level curves of the func...

A: Click to see the answer

Q: Can you help me with this problem step by step?

A: Consider the given derivative function.

Q: A rectangle is constructed with its base on the x-axis and two of its vertices on the parabola y=16-...

A: Please see the white board. The rectangle is represented by the green line.The inverted parabola is ...

Q: 4. Microtutorial Genes produce molecules called MRNA that go on to produce proteins. High concentrat...

A: We’ll answer the first question since the exact one wasn’t specified. Please submit a new question s...

Q: Find the equation of the tangent line to the curve at the given point using implicit differentiation...

A: To determine the equation of tangent line to the given curve at point (1, 0).

Q: Problem 2 Parts A, B, and C

A: Part a)First to draw the graph of the function.Since from the graph the given function is not contin...

Q: Find the linear approximation to the function. x2 f(x + Δx) ≈      Evaluate it at the given va...

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Q: please answer question 19

A: Consider a function f(x)=2x+cosxWhen 2x+cosx=0 then f(x)=0f(x)=0 occurs at x intercept. 

Q: see attachment

A: Given logarithmic equation is,