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8. Two short haired guinea pigs are mated several times. Out of 100 offspring, 25 of them have
long hair. What are the probable genotypes of the parents?
Show the cross to prove it!

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8. Two short haired guinea pigs are mated several times. Out of 100 offspring, 25 of them have long hair. What are the probable genotypes of the parents? X_ Show the cross to prove it!


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Step 1

According to Mendel’s law of inheritance, a dominant trait can express itself in heterozygous condition, but recessive trait could only be expressed in homozygous condition. When the gametes get separated at the time of gamete formation they rejoin and show character based on the alleles they got from parents.

Hence, for the recessive trait to get expressed it must be present in the homozygous condition i.e., it must get recessive alleles from both the parents.

Step 2

Guinea pigs have a hair length character with two traits. One is short hair and another one is long hair. A short hair trait is dominant over long hair. That means that short hair trait can be expressed in heterozygous as well as homozygous conditions whereas, for long hair to appear, it must be present in homozygous condition.

Here, out of 100 progenies, 25 have long hair and rest have short hair i.e., 100 – 25 = 75. Thus, the r...

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