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A 15.0 mH inductor is connected across an AC generator that produces a peak voltage of 9.60 V.

a. What is the peak current through the inductor if the emf frequency is 100 Hz?

b. What is the peak current through the inductor if the emf frequency is 100 kHz?


Expert Answer

Step 1

Given values:

Inductance,     L = 15.0 mH = 15.0 x 10-3 H

Peak voltage Vo = 9.60 Hz

Step 2


Frequency, f = 100 Hz

Inductive reactance:


Image Transcriptionclose

X L2 fL The peak current: V I 2л /L Plugging in the given values : 9.60 = 2 x3.14x 100 x 15.0 x 10 =0.001019 x 103 1.019 A


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