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A 4.00 g sample of a hydrate of nickel(III) bromide looses 0.793 g of water when heated. Determine the percentage of water in the hydrate and the formula of the hydrate.


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Step 1

It is given that the mass of hydrate of nickel (III) bromide is 4 g

On heating it losses 0.793 g of water

mass of water = 0.793 g

mass of anhydrate = 4 - 0.793 = 3.207 g

Step 2

Now it is required to calculate the percentage of water in hydrate mass and the formula of hydrate. First let us calculate the percentage of water in anhydrate, which is calculated as,

Step 3

Now let us derive the formula for the hydrate.  Let the formula be NiBr3 .xH2O, where x is the moles of water bonded to NiBr3

When water is removed from the hydrate it consists of anhydrate of NiBr3 having a mass of 3.207 g.  In order to derive the formula let us calcul...

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