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A 55-kg box rests on a horizontal surface. The coefficient of static friction between the box the surface is 0.30, and the coefficient of kinetic friction is 0.20. What horizontal force must be applied to the box to cause it to start sliding along the surface?


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Step 1

The mass of the box=55kg.

The coefficient of static friction =0.30.

The coefficient of kinetic friction=0.20.

To make the object just slide along the surface from rest it is required to overcome the static friction.

The force should be applied to the box is directly proportional to the normal force.


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Foc N here, N is the normal force, F N (I) |4 is the coefficient of static friction

Step 2

Since the box is at rest the normal force wi...


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substitute equation (II) in (I) N mg (II) susbtitute, 55kg for m 9.80 m/s2 for g, 0.30 for 4inequation (III) F = 4mg (II) -(0.30) (55 kg) (9.80m/s) =161.7 N


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