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A 8.70 L container holds a mixture of two gases at 33 °C. The partial pressures of gas A and gas B, respectively, are 0.334 atm and 0.894 atm. If 0.200 mol of a third gas is added with no change in volume or temperature, what will the total pressure become?


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Partial pressure of gas A, PA = 0.334 atm

Partial pressure of gas B, PB = 0.894 atm

Moles of gas third gas (say C), nC = 0.2 mol

Volume, V = 8.70 L

Temperature, T = 33 °C = (33 + 273) K = 306 K

Step 2

The partial pressure of gas C, PC at the same volume and temperatur...


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PV nRT nc RT Рс - V L atm 0.2 mol x 0.0821 Pc х 306 K mol K 8.70 L Pc 0.578 atm


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