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A 9.41-g piece of platinum was heated to 98.6 °C in a boiling water bath and then dropped onto ice. When the metal’s temperature had dropped to 0.0 °C, it was found that 0.36 g of ice had melted. What is the specific heat capacity of platinum?

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Step 1

Given information:

Mass of piece of platinum = 9.41 g

Mass of ice = 0.36 g

Boiling temperature = 98.6 ˚C

Taking enthalpy of fusion of water = 334 J/g

Step 2

As , amount of heat lost by metal is equal to amount of heat gained by metal. Therefore, the energy released and utilized will also be equal.

Thus, the amount of energy/heat produced by 0.37 g of ice is calculated as follows:

Amount of energy = 0.36 gx334 J/g
= 120.24 J

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Amount of energy = 0.36 gx334 J/g = 120.24 J

Step 3

Thus, the specific heat of platinu...

Amount of heat required (Q)=mxCxAT
120.24 J 9.41 g 98.6 °CxC
120.24 J
C =
9.41 gx98.6 °C
0.129 J/g.C

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Amount of heat required (Q)=mxCxAT 120.24 J 9.41 g 98.6 °CxC 120.24 J C = 9.41 gx98.6 °C 0.129 J/g.C


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