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A baseball pitcher brings his arm forward during a pitch, rotating the forearm about the elbow.  If the velocity of the ball in the pitcher's hand is 35.0 m/s and the ball is 0.300 m from the elbow joint, what is the angular velocity of the forearm?
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10.5 rad/s
0.0952 rad/s
0.00857 rad/s
117 rad/s

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Step 1


Velocity of the ball in pitcher’s hand = 35.0 m/s

Distance between the ball and the elbow joint = 0.300 m

This distance act as the radius for the circular track followed by the pitcher hand before pitching


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0.300 m

Step 2

Relation between angular velocity and the linear velocity is given by,



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r where, angular velocity rradius of the circular track v linear velocity

Step 3

Before pitching, the ball is in the hand of baseball pitcher.

Therefore, ang...


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angular velocity of forearm 35 O = 300 =116.66rad/s D117 rad/s


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