Asked Jan 23, 2019

A car in stop-and-go traffic starts at rest, moves forward 25
in 8.0
, then comes to rest again
What is the constant speed
that characterizes the middle portion of its motion?
Express your answer using two significant figures.


Expert Answer

Step 1

In a velocity-time graph , the area under the graph represent the displacement.

For first 4 second, displacement is given by the area of the triangle having height , h = V and base length = 4 

So the displacement in first 4 second is given as 


Step 2

For next 2 second, displacement is given by the area of the rectangle having height , h = V and width = 2 

So the displacement in next 2 second is given as 


Step 3

For next 2 second, displacement is given by the area of the triangle having height , h = V a...


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